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    How To Have A Great Art Party Today

    How To Set The Mood
    Setting the mood at your art party is very important. In fact, this will make or break the evening. Therefore, you will want to decorate, select music, buy food and drinks and control the lighting. In order to really get the party started, you need to create a relaxing and ambient atmosphere first. You can generate a party around a particular theme or leave everything wide open.

    What To Do During Your Party
    Some of the items that you should consider having at your party are cheese, wine, alcohol, beer, water and snacks. In addition, you can create a digital playlist of jazz and other instrumental music that is non-abrasive and up-tempo. Depending on how creative you would like to be, you should think about the different lighting and decoration settings. For instance, if you have dim lights, you will create a more soothing mood for your event. However, you can create a gallery exhibit space or highlight someone's work on the walls. An art party is always well attended when there is food, art on display and alcoholic beverages available for free.
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    Drawing Caricatures For Fun And Profit

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    Caricatures contain a bit of whimsy and humor. Everyone has a prominent feature, and caricatures take advantage of overemphasizing any of them. Anything from narrow to full lips to a tiny to bulbous nose are chosen by caricature artists to render an image. Taking on the task of drawing such images is not easy. The artist must capture a likeness of the subject that is instantly recognizable as well as rendering a prominent feature in a cartoonish way.

    Caricature artists must draw quickly in order to keep profits and customer interest alive. Then, there is the need to develop an insight to be able to pick a feature to overemphasize that will not offend the subject.Check out this link here. These artists also must be able to do caricatures of children who often do not offer much in the way of material to turn into caricature.

    For those who have taken the time to learn the craft, profit can be earned. A mall kiosk involves only an investment in a display to show examples, two chairs, a light and a drawing table. Customers come by, sit for a quick drawing and are soon on their way. Offering to frame the art increases the profit. Have mats and frames ready to assemble.

    Summer offers endless community festivals and fairs to set up a booth. Visitors to such events have already planned to spend more money, and they are looking for something unique. Having the talent to develop a caricature from a couple of good photos that are brought in of a subject opens up a huge profit potential of being able to create surprise gifts where the subject need not even be present.
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    How To Turn Your Photography Into Artwork

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    How to Turn Your Photography into Artwork
    The first step to turn photography into artwork is to choose a genre and stick to it. The most recognized photographers chose a specific genre to build their careers and make significant contributions to photography and art. To help find a genre, visit photography galleries. Take notes on the type of photography that appeal to your inner creativity. These genres might include landscapes, portraits, eclectic designs or nature. Next, choose a specialty in the genre that attracts interest in your work.I was looking for more information and found it here. Landscape photographers focus exclusively on particular types of flora or fauna. Design photographers may consider a common subject, such as photographs of unusual geometric patterns seen from aerial views. For some photographers, this is the path to create works of photographic art and to become a recognized talent.

    Photo Art
    There is a wealth of opportunity to turn photographs into works of art. The subject, color and quality of the photo have a lot to do with this development. Ansel Adams, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon ventured into specific areas of photography that became works of art. These are seen in galleries nationally and internationally. Photographs become art when they inspire others.
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    Best Free Art Museums In Each State

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    If you love art, you will love knowing that there are many free museums in each state that offer great art exhibits for everyone to enjoy. You may find that a lot of museums in certain towns offer the display of their local artists work for everyone to enjoy. When you choose to travel and visit a variety of museums, pay close attention to the work that is on display by local artists.

    Museums that offer free admission can some of the most enjoyable to visit, not because they are free, but because they offer some of the most unique works of art that other people have not seen and are not aware of.

    Whether it's painting, sculptures or any other types of art work, being able to visit a museum that is free of charge is a great way to help promote many struggling artists. It allows people to see their work, purchase their work and to tell others about them and the art that they offer.

    There is nothing wrong with visiting a museum that charges, but you can only look at a painting by a famous artist so many times, being able to look at the work of a fresh artist makes museum visiting so much more exciting.
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    How To Encourage Your Young Artists

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    Children are naturally imaginative so encouraging them to explore art using different techniques and mediums is very easy. Art is a fun activity the whole family can participate in, which will make it even more rewarding for both parents and children. To encourage kids to express themselves it is best to allow them to select their own supplies. Some children might prefer drawing with crayons on paper, while others enjoy working with paints. The area where the art projects will be made should be properly laid out with any objects covered to prevent disasters from occurring. Art is messy and children should not be stifled in expressing themselves by needing to be tidy.

    When choosing supplies for children to use in art projects, it is best to select items from several different categories. Paint, chalk and crayon can be combined with sequins, feathers and glitter. The medium used for creating the art can be watercolor paper, tissue paper, felt or any other assorted type of paper or fabric. Kids can also design their own t-shirts or tote bags by using any of the easy to handle bottled paint or glitter products. In general, kids do not need a lot of encouragement to express their artistic sides, just a lot of room.
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    The Best Places To Get Cheap Art Supplies

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    When looking to purchase cheap art supplies, there are several types of stores you can visit. Sometimes the lower prices are associated with particular sales events. When department stores have their yearly back to school sales, it is a good time to stock up on items such as markers, crayons, glue, pencils and paper. Other items used for art which are also school related include rulers, tape and scissors. When looking for more traditional art supplies such as oil paints or canvases, hobby and craft stores are the best place to look. These stores also run sale events during different times of the year, so watch for listed advertisements about any upcoming sales.

    If you are someone who creates art on a regular basis or a teacher of art, you will find more affordable supplies by looking for wholesale dealers. Wholesale merchants sell their products in case lots, which makes the price of each piece or each package less than what retail stores charge for them. People can purchase everything from bottles of acrylic paint to glass beads and colored feathers through wholesale merchants. Other stores offering inexpensive art supplies include chain stores selling toys and hobby items for children.
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    Why Art Must Be Kept In Schools

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    Today, we are facing many issues with public schooling and education, including finding funding for programs of the arts and music. Although schools cite a lack of funding to keep art in public schools in many locations, it is important to keep art in education, as it is part of our human nature to explore creativity and open our minds to new ideas, thoughts, and the possibilities we have in our lives.

    Keeping art in schools allows children who are not interested in traditional mathematics, science, or history an opportunity to explore alternative lifestyles and paths which include everything from fine art and painting, to digital creations and 3D design. Funding art programs in schools across the world is not only a way for students to explore new realms of possibilities while enhancing their creativity, but it is also a way to share the history of art and how humanity has evolved in terms of design, the thought process, and even how we share our art today.

    Having art programs in schools is a must if we want to keep a creative edge as a society along with the vast technological improvements we are making in order to continuously grow as a species.
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    Five Great Schools To Go To Study Graphic Art

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    There are many great art schools in the United States. Most of these schools offer programs where you can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I am going to discuss the top five art schools.
    Ringling College of Art and Design is a great school for art, design and animation. It is located in Sarasota, Florida. This school has won many awards for being a prestigious and focused program with great internship opportunities and middle range tuition costs.
    University of Southern California is another great school for animation, graphic design and film. It is actually the oldest school in the USA for film, and the students from this university are well connected in doing the animation at the Walt Disney Company.
    The School of Visual Arts in New York City is known for their teaching of fundamentals and access to state-of-the-art tools. This school hosts the annual Dusty Film and Animation Festival known by many celebrities and art legends.
    Rhode Island School of Design was ranked No. 1 graphic design school. Their program covers a variety of aspects such as design history, technology, practical skills and critical thinking. Their facility offers a 24-hour secure studio and lab facilities on campus.
    Carnegie Mellon University is a bigger school when it comes to population. This school has state-of-the-art facilities, digital imaging labs, and research space. This program also offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degree programs.
    Art is a prestigious and challenging degree field that needs nurturing in a great degree program.
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